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I have been hill walking for over thirty years although in the early days this only involved a few trips each year to the Cairngorms or Lochnagar areas. In fact it was several years before I realised what a Munro actually was, and 1997 before I completed my first round on Ben More on the Island of Mull. Since then I have completed a further four rounds, two Corbett rounds and single rounds of the Munro Tops, Grahams, New Donalds, Old Donalds and Sub Donalds.

This has taken me to all parts of the Scottish mainland and to several of its Islands. In 2010, for a bit more variety and new challenges, I started on the list of Sub 2000 Scottish Marilyns. I have no plans to complete them all as some involve rock climbing while others are on remote and uninhabited islands. During my trips I have also climbed a few Humps. The links in the left margin will take you to my trip reports for these hills and include an index system.

Also in 2010 I made my first venture south of the Scottish Border to climb the English Furths (mountains over 3000 feet) and a subsequent trip to Wales to climb several of the Welsh Furths. These links will take you to a blog which gives an account of these ascents.

The ascent of the Scottish Hills has taken me over 11,300 hours, involved a distance in excess of 17,700 miles and a height gain of over 1,850 kilometres.

I'm also an avid golfer in Scotland, passionate about golf and researching technologies behind golf ball compression and trying to find a driver that is forgiving for my swing.

My hill totals as at 25 December 2015 are:

Hill Classification Number Climbed Number of Rounds Completed
Munros 1708 5
Munro Tops 723 1
Corbetts 576 2
Corbett Tops 338 -
Grahams 370 1
Graham Tops 351 -
New Donalds 149 1
Sub Donalds 31 1
Sub 2000 Scottish Marilyns 235 -
Total 4481 11

In addition to walking in Britain, in November 2001 I travelled to Sikkim in India, on a TGO trek, to climb in the foothills of Kangchenjunga. You can read my blog here:

Himalayan Trek

In August 2005 I climbed Mount Blanc. Below is a link to my blog containing an account of the ascent.

Mount Blanc

I have also walked in the Bernese Oberland Region of Switzerland. Below are links to my blogs:

Bernese Oberland 2006

Bernese Oberland 2011

In 2002 I created this web site, initially to promote a business I ran, but it soon expanded to include an account of my walks and, in 2005 when I entered the digital era, photographs.

Reports on my trips to the Scottish Hills are logged in the appropriate sections as shown on the left margin or if sub 2000 feet, they are listed on this page. The Mountain Index lists all the Scottish Hills I have climbed since the creation of this web site. There is also an index at the top of each section page. A link to the photographs taken on my walks can be found at the start of each trip report or viewed from the Gallery Page. In addition walks completed in the past 12 months can be accessed via Recent Walks.

You are welcome to follow my routes but you do so at your own risk. If for any reason you wish to use my photographs or have a comment to make please contact me at hilltreks(at) (change (at) to @). I would be interested in your observations.

Enjoy your walking.

My Articles

Ways to Improve Your Hike with Cannabis

22 Jan 2021 Your-Hike-with-Cannabis

You can use cannabis in the enhancement of outdoor experiences as it is aimed at resetting your drive. There are many stores out there and Top Shelf BC is one such store Top Shelf BC is one such store. Most people living in Colorado utilizing cannabis when hiking to get that earthly connection. If you are planning a hiking trip, the following tips will help you to improve your hike with cannabis.

  • Understand the laws

Individuals who are 21 years and above are allowed to carry a marijuana flower or products that have been infused with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)of 28 grams or one ounce. Having more than 28 grams of cannabis is forbidden and this could land you in trouble with the law.

In addition, it is forbidden to consume cannabis within federal premises and state land. It is always good to understand these laws even if it is hard for you to follow them.

  • Try Sativa and Sativa-Dominant Strains

Both Sativa and Sativa-dominant strains are great for hiking because they give more motivation and energy.  In Denver, strains for hiking that are readily accessible include Durban Poison, Harlequin, Green Crack, and whatever with “Diesel” word.

If you want more energy, you can also try citrus heavy strains like Tangie and Lemon Skunk. It is not recommendable to overdo these strong strains so you have sound energy to get you through the hike.    

  • Make Adequate Preparation

Ensure your maps are properly labelled and downloaded before you take cannabis or start the hike. In addition, your trail should be set accordingly, and prepare yourself for any emergencies that may occur during the hike.

Adequate preparation will reduce shock related to unexpected emergencies, making you have a relaxed adventure. Another important tip is to inform your close friends and family members of your whereabouts.

  • Your goal should not be Getting Stoned

It is not advisable to smoke to get stoned while out hiking. Having one or two hits is enough to improve your experience and make yourself relaxed. Overdoing cannabis can make your hike go to waste because you might start feeling lazy. Ensure you are in your senses throughout the hike.

  • Carry Enough Water

Consuming cannabis can make you dehydrated, hence, you should bring along adequate water to keep you hydrated as you engage in strenuous activity. Ensure to carry water in plenty to make sure it does not get depleted before the hike is complete.  Steady sipping is always advisable to keep your body hydrated all the way.

  • Look for Cannabis-Friendly Campsites

Before you go hiking, shop around for campsites and consider those that are cannabis-friendly. Some campsites offer a good environment for cannabis use. Such campgrounds are private and allow the smoking of cannabis. In these areas, you will find people with similar motives to yours.


The discussed tips will help you a lot when planning to improve your hiking adventure using cannabis. Ensure that you understand the law regarding cannabis usage to avoid any problem associated with breaching it. Marijuana in Canada is also under strict guidelines, so avoid its misuse.

Best Cameras For Trekking, Mountaineering & Safari in 2020

01 Sep 2020 Cameras-For-Trekking

D Series Cameras and lenses for the D3000 camera in 2020 and the can be great accessories to carry when traveling on an adventure. Although they are not essential for survival, there help you capture beautiful moments that. To help you capture those moments clearly, here are the best cameras you can use for your adventures on the mountains or safari.

  1. Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II

This camera is a ‘point-and-shoot’ type, meaning you can use it immediately with much less setting adjustments. Even with a small construction, enough to be categorized as ‘pocketable’, this camera is equipped with large capacity batteries and an easy-maneuvering body.

The Lumix DC-LX100 II captures images as RAW files, which can be convenient for digital editing later. The quality of the shots can be very much comparable to entry-level DSLR cameras.

  1. Canon PowerShot SX720

This camera is compact with great zooming capability. It has a 40x optical zoom lens which can be equivalent to the focal length range of DSLR from 24 to 960 mm. In short, it can capture great quality pictures even if zoomed in 40 times.

Not only that, this pocketable camera has a built-in Wi-Fi capability for instant uploading of files. Plus, it can record videos in a 1080p resolution.

  1. GoPro Hero 6

This type of camera is considered ‘action’ type, wherein it is meant to be part of body gear and captures videos in your own point of view, or POV. The Hero 6 model offers way better features than the predecessors. It can record a video of 4K resolution in either 60 or 240 fps.

This camera is meant to be waterproof. So, if you encounter a waterfall or a lake or even under the mercy of rainfall, the GoPro Hero 6 can very well function without a decrease on its performance.

  1. Olympus Tough TG 5

The Olympus Tough TG 5 is a point-and-shoot camera that is lightweight and very durable. It is waterproof up to 50 feet depth of water, dustproof and still able to function at cold temperatures. It has a zoom range of 25 to 100 mm, which is better than most tough cameras.

The downside of this camera is the small image sensor. Although there are many cameras with much better performance than this one, they not as durable as the Olympus TG 5.

  1. Sony Alpha a6300

This camera is categorized as mirrorless. It has the compactness of a point-and-shoot camera and an image sensor on par with the DSLR camera. Moreover, it has a quick auto-focus, due to its 4D Focus System, and offers feature of interchangeable lens.

You can capture videos at 4K resolution and even comes with an image noise reducer. It can be said that in the market for mirrorless cameras, the Sony Alpha a6300 sits now on the top.


Since cameras are not essential for survival, they can be considered unnecessary to carry when going for trips. However, they can be very handy and make your trip memorable. If the trip is long, invest in high quality Cameras & Camera Lens that are lightweight, like the ones listed above.

Align your decision of what camera to purchase based on the conditions of the location you will be traveling to.

10 Tips For Packing For Vacation In Northern Michigan

10th April 2020 Vacation-In-Northern-Michigan

Vacation in Northern Michigan is a lot of fun. According to the The experts at Northern Michigan Escapes, Many exciting summer activities will keep you busy, and you will be even happier and more comfortable if you are fully prepared for it. Here are ten tips to remember when you’re packing:


The weather in Northern Michigan is usually slightly warm. Most people who vacation there wear tank tops and shorts for most of the day. However, in the evening, the weather gets colder, and you’ll be glad you brought a jacket or sweatshirt. If you’re planning to visit Beaver Island or Mackinac Island, note that the weather there is cooler than other areas, by five to ten degrees.

Outfits for the beach

There are many beaches in Northern Michigan, and your visit is incomplete without visiting at least a few. Pack your swimming gear, great shade, sunscreen, and toys and be prepared to have fun in the sun! Bring along a big water bottle and ensure you stay hydrated.

Outfits for nautical activities

Have fun dressing like the locals in blue and white, or with fun, colorful beach wears. Take a large hat and your brightest sundress. You will look exactly like a local. Be stylish with your outfit, and have fun, like a Michigander!

Hiking shoes

You won’t regret packing comfortable shoes. Vacation in Northern Michigan allows you to enjoy scenic parks, breathtaking hiking trails, and moments in nature that are simply unforgettable. Pack bug spray and your adventurous spirit, and you’re set to go.

Biking equipment

Biking is getting increasingly more popular in Northern Michigan. Bring your gear and enjoy cycling in scenic parks or along the trails. If you can’t pack your biking gear – fear not. You can also rent biking equipment from the shops.


The sun can get pretty intense there. When the sunlight beams at the lakes, they shimmer brightly, and the intensity may make you squint! Also, the shades are pretty cool and bring on the vacation-vibe.

Fancy outfits

There are many fancy restaurants around the lakeshore, perfect for a romantic night out. Some of the golf clubs have dress codes too. Buy a new outfit for the occasion - after all, vacations are a perfect excuse to dress up.

Casual outfits

Many of the activities are casual – all lining, skydiving, wine tours, museums, hiking. Pack clothes that you will feel comfortable in.

Be prepared for rainy days

Sometimes there are rainy days. But it doesn’t have to ruin your vacation! Bring movies, board games, plan shopping trips, and visit art galleries when it rains! Or, if you still want to go outdoors, bring along your raincoat, waterproof shoes, and an umbrella and be ready to enjoy Northern Michigan in all its seasons. A good quality rain cover will protect your backpack.


Make sure you capture your beautiful memories. Northern Michigan is gorgeous, and you will want to remember it. If you’re into hiking or trekking, you’ll be able to capture scenic shots at some popular trails like the Iron Belle Trail, North Country National Scenic Trail, and the Pyramid Point Trail, to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Get the most out of your vacation in Northern Michigan by being fully prepared and save yourself from unnecessary stress as well.

Fishing with Boyfriend: What to Wear?

20th March 2020 Fishing-with-Boyfriend

You may not know it but fishing together with your boyfriend’s fishing sunglasses during the summertime can be an intimate activity that can improve your bond. However, a woman would tend to think that fishing could be messy.

They think about the blood, bad odor, fish baits, and also guts. Well, that will be nothing compared to the fun experience of fishing, the wonderful scenery that you can observe around, spending the entire day on the clear water, and the whole romantic time.

What you should primarily think about is how you will dress. If you are wondering about the right fishing attire to wear while fishing with your man, here is a guide to help you with that.


Fishing under the heat of the summer sun requires a thinner kind of undershirt, which serves as your outfit’s base layer. The best ones are 100 percent polyester clothing that has 50+ UPF. This type of clothing can easily fend off moisture. For additional comfort, choose the ones that can repel water and prevents body odor.


The best pants are lightweight ones. You might want to consider bringing an extra pair because you might become playful with your boyfriend while fishing.


For the main shirt, you should choose the ones that are breathable and light in color. Preferably, long-sleeved shirts are the best choice, but you may choose the short-sleeved one if you like that.


You might want to wear sandals or flip-flops, but avoid that for now. For better protection against misplaced fishing hooks, and also spiny fins from caught fish, you should wear comfortable shoes. Do not worry about it. Having unwanted injury could spoil the whole romantic activity. You may then switch to your sandals once you are done fishing.

Hats and Sunglasses

To better protect your face from the heat, you should choose the hat that has a wider brim in its entire circumference. As for the sunglasses, choose the polarized ones because they block yellow light to avoid glare from the reflection of the sun on the water.

Face Mask

The popular face covers used in fishing are buffs because they can be used as a balaclava. However, if you do not have it, you may use a scarf instead. A facemask can be an alternative to sunscreen, plus it helps in reducing the smell of the fish and bait.

The ‘Summer Babe’ outfit

You might also want to consider dressing up like a beautiful summer lady. Step up the fishing experience with your boyfriend by wearing a long velvety-flowing light-colored dress. Add an exquisite sunhat for your head and face protection, and also wear fashionable yet protective boots. Such fishing attire will leave your boyfriend caught by your beautiful hooks – I mean, looks.


It’s common that women tend to take a long time in choosing the outfit that they are going to wear which is why this guide can be useful for you to have a clearer idea about the best fishing attire that you can wear.

You may want to choose the ones that provide an aesthetic value but the better options are the ones that can protect you. As long as you would enjoy the romantic fishing with your boyfriend, any kind of outfit that is comfortable for you and looks beautiful for you in his eyes is the best choice.

Should you carry a gun outdoors?

08th November 2019 gun-outdoors

There has been a heated debate on social media pages on whether people should be allowed to carry Guns when going for various outdoor activities like hiking. Carrying a gun is a good idea, especially for vulnerable groups but it is not necessary when going for outdoor activities. If you navigate to adventurefootstep, you will find that you don’t need to carry a gun when going for hiking, camping or fishing.

What really matters

Sometimes we humans worry about issues that are not likely to cause any danger to our lives, while leaving the most critical issues unattended. Statistics have shown that people in national parks lose their lives through falls, vehicle accidents, or drowning. For example, between 2007 and 2013, around 1.9 billion people visited animal parks.  Four died out of bears attack, five died from gun accidents, and one died from homicide. From the statistics, it is clear that there is no need to carry a gun to protect yourself from an incident that is not likely to happen.

A safe country overall

Moreover, our country is safe, and we rarely come across incidences of people killed by violence. Many other problems pose a far more real threat to our lives that we should worry about. Some of these issues include fast foods, which are known to bring about heart diseases, or pollution, which has caused cancer, and even road safety. Statistics further shows that people who died due to murder were about 17250, while death occurring due to car crashes were about 37461, heart disease killed about 630000 while deaths occurring because of cancer were about 609460. Thus, a gun is not what you need to carry to protect your life; there is much more you need to do.

The price of gun ownership

Additionally, carrying a gun is expensive. This is because you must engage yourself in many hours of training, good judgment, and practice. Also, it is only in rare cases where a gun can be used to save a life. In fact, when you come out with a gun in violent situations, you will as well be putting your life at risk. Besides, you take a huge responsibility each time you choose to carry a gun and should be equalized with your skills, judgment, and training.

Other outdoor protection alternatives

However, if carrying a gun is that important, consider replacing it with a bear spray. It is capable of dealing with all dangerous animals that you are likely to encounter without putting any life at risk. People also will not get scared when you carry it around. However, bear spray canister is very large and heavy to keep carrying. Either way, you will need to carry a non-lethal product in case you feel your life is at risk when going for outdoor activities. This is important because you get the chance to deal with a threat without putting any life at risk.

In some cases, purchasing a gun is cheap and easy but most rules and regulations in many states will not allow you to carry it around. You will also need to be enrolled in a class and later apply to be issued with a permit which is not easy.

Cannabis and Climbing Combination

07th November 2019 Cannabis-and-Climbing-Combination

Hearing about cannabis and climbing don’t seem to rhyme really well, but shockingly, some people fuse both together for body high and enjoyment while under the cannabis spell.

Difference Between Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

The cannabis plant is sub-classified into two different extracts: Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is now making rounds with its current findings of how it benefits people in terms of health concerns. It is known to cure inflammation, epilepsy, and even gets rid of depression and anxiety. Due to the aforesaid effects, CBD has been declared as a relaxant.

THC, on the other hand, imposes the opposite effect. People under the influence of THC often feel high, with some claiming that they feel relaxed and at peace. Hence, THC is said to be a psychoactive substance. Apparently, THC, or marijuana in layman’s term, is illegal in most countries.

THC and Climbing

There are various effects of THC in the body, including getting fired up in a big climb. Climbing is a mentally challenging sport that requires intense concentration, especially when being timed per speed climb.

As for climbers under the influence of THC, they become much drawn to the climb as they become more alert than usual. However, as you get high with marijuana, creating new memories and rekindling with old ones become a difficult task to achieve.

For frequent marijuana users, they gradually become tolerable to the short-term memory loss as an effect of the substance. However, this toleration can become a permanent problem that can greatly affect one’s short-term memory function.

Another effect that THC does on climbing climbers is that it helps them concentrate on the climb. Though focus is an important factor in climbing climbs, one’s sense of focus gradually loses as the climb progresses – meaning the high feeling also slowly evaporates from your system.

Anxiety can also be a probable effect on some people once they’ve taken a hit of marijuana. If this happens, it’s best not to risk the climb and stay away from the substance for the entire course.

CBD and Climbing

As mentioned, CBD promotes an effect opposite to that of marijuana. Instead of making the user high, this substance makes one much relaxed, causing it to be labeled as a relaxant.

Effects of CBD on Climbing Players

CBD is sometimes used in a form of CBD oil and mixed with medicines or other edibles. One noticeable effect of CBD is that it improves one’s mood and reduces anxiety. Generating positive vibes in the body can help users focus on the climb. This is all because CBD helps in increasing serotonin levels in the body – a chemical in the body that promotes happiness.

In the medical field, CBD is also generally considered as a pain reliever. Therefore, climbers who are experiencing arthritis feel relieved, making it easier for them to concentrate on the climb alone. In addition to that, they won’t have to antagonize themselves as they try to move the pieces since their motor action is no longer affected.

Legal Concerns of Cannabis

Unfortunately, the World Climbing Federation doesn’t condone climbers who are using cannabis, regardless if it’s marijuana or CBD. Anyone caught using the substance is ground for disqualification.


Cannabis and climbing climbers, as a shockingly unusual pair as it seems, can go along pretty well. Cannabis, at some point, contributes to the overall performance of climbing climbers. Regardless if it’s THC or CBD, anyone should still be wary of the side effects these two substances cause. As for those joining the tournament, using cannabis is highly discouraged as it can be a strong basis for disqualification.

Hiking 101: Bringing Your Dog

15th October 2019 Bringing-Your-Dog

Going on a hike with the company of your dog could be one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have with your pet. Watching your dog enjoy the outdoor experience will also make your activity more enjoyable. But you must have to Odor control with cat litter with your cat pet.

Despite the connection, it will be vital not to forget that your dog is still an animal. This entails that you still observe some precautions and safety when handling your pet. Here are several tips to keep in mind.

Observe the Leash Laws

Some countries have set some laws concerning the handling of dogs in public places. Most laws require leashing the dog at about 6 feet to avoid attacking, frightening other people, or engaging in a fight with other dogs. This will also prevent your pet from entering unrestricted areas and other private properties. Before going on a hike with your pet, do some research on the laws of your chosen hiking grounds. 

Carry Enough Food and Water

Before embarking for the trip, ensure you carry enough food and water for both you and your pet. Some people carry their food, forgetting that their dog should also be fed. The walk may also subject the dog to thirst, and thus you should have enough water with you for your pet. 

Carry A Pet First Aid Kit

Pets can easily get injuries. Carrying a first aid kit will be essential in treating bites, burns, sprains or any other injury your pet might encounter during the trip.

Take Your Dog for A Rattlesnake Aversion Training

If you frequently allow your dog to accompany you to hikes in places where snakes are common, you should consider taking your dog for rattlesnake aversion training. This could potentially save your dog or keep him from harm’s way, since dogs are pets that like confronting other creatures, in this case snakes. If your dog has previously received the course, consider taking it for a refresher training.

Bring Portable Doggie Bags

Dog feces can be disgusting especially when they are in the wrong place. Carry doggie portable bags to use just in case there are none provided in the park. The feces may stick to the shoes of other hikers when stepped on. Once collected, ensure proper disposal.

Beware of What Your Dog Chews On

Some of the things found in hiking parks can be poisonous to your dog. Plants such as some kinds of mushrooms could be ingested by your dog accidentally. These are potentially harmful and can even kill your dog, which is why you should always keep an eye on your pet at all times.

Consider The Fitness of Your Pet

Pets have different capabilities in handling the hiking journey. Old, young puppies and sick dogs may find hiking a tough experience. Always ensure your pet is fit before embarking on your trip. In case you are not sure about the fitness of your dog, consult your vet for advice. Also, observe your dog for exhaustion signs every now and then, and allow it to rest.

Carry Dog Clothes

Weather is sometimes unpredictable. Always carry warm clothes especially for pets that are used to indoors under warm conditions. In case of hot weather, you can use vests soaked in water to keep the dog cool. Dog shoes can also be used during extremely cold weather.


A trip with your dog could create memorable events provided that you keep in mind and observe the aforementioned safety tips. And remember to have fun with your pet!

Benefits of Mountain Hiking

09th Sep 2019 Mountain-Hiking

Biking is becoming one of the trends in the world of health enthusiasts. It has become so popular that, lately, different versions of bicycles can be seen in the market. You have bicycles for competitive cycling, for casual strolling, fold away bikes, and even bikes that can withstand going around mountains. You can click for more information on the topic.

Mountain biking is one of the most exciting exercises today. If you haven't thought about trying it, maybe these benefits will help you do so.

1. Serves as Workout

Most people think mountain biking only serves the lower part of the body. While it is true that much effort will have to come from the legs and feet while you pedal your way on the tough roads, that it is not to say that your other parts are not given attention. Your core needs to hold its own while you're trying to sit straight on a bike, while your arms are forced to do some work when you navigate left and right; hence, the full-body workout.

2. Better Heart Health

Any cardiovascular workout is known to be extremely helpful to the heart. Studies show that riding a bicycle for at least 20 miles in one week helps reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 per cent. Also, mountain biking requires a lot of muscles, consequently making the heart work more to supply the demand for oxygen in the body, which all result in increased heart fitness.

3. Avoids Joints Injury

Workouts are sometimes as dangerous as they are beneficial. With one wrong turn of the ankle or one missed hold of equipment, things can be disastrous. One of the most commonly injured parts of the body is the joints. The good news is mountain biking helps decrease the risks of joint injury by allowing the rider to sit down while pedaling, taking some pressure off the joints.

4. Better Emotional Health

During mountain biking, the body releases endorphins. When endorphins are released, the body tends to feel better and more energized. Also, this kind of exercise boosts serotonin; serotonin helps prevent depression and anxiety.

5. Lower Risks of Diseases

Exercise is one of the best keys to a healthy body. Therefore, mountain biking is already a good activity for better health. This strengthens your immune system. According to some studies, people who take 30 minutes a day to cycle tend to take less sick days.

6. More Brain Power

Some researchers have found that cycling leads to better mental health. Further explaining, one professor said that this activity boosts the blood flow and oxygen going to the brain, which then produces more receptors. This is why exercise is a good activity to lessen the risk of brain conditions.

7. Better Balance and Coordination

Aside from being fun, mountain biking can also help you with your balance and coordination. If you think about it, you are on a slim moving vehicle with only two wheels on a mountain. It’s quite impossible to keep cycling without improving your balance and coordination.

8. Better Sleep

Mountain biking can also help with the quality of sleep. There are some people who find it hard to sleep. Mountain biking is suggested here as this activity is everything but easy. The exhaustion alone after some period can help anyone have a sound sleep.

9. Improves Social Skills

So many people are in love with biking, and so it's not really rare to see groups of bikers doing their thing together. Being surrounded by people who share your interests sure helps with your social skills.


So why not try mountain biking now? You get to have all these health benefits while enjoying the scenic view of nature.

Best Hiking Trails to Take in Bali

06th Aug 2019 Take-in-Bali

Bali is known primarily for its culture, cuisine and, of course, the beaches. But the airport transfer boasts more than just being a summer destination.

It is also home to 10,000 temples and sites of worship, a direct contrast to the raving of the island nightlife.

It is also recommended for those who crave the heights because they have more than a few volcanoes that are up and ready to be hiked. Among those are the all-time favorites, Mount Agung and Mount Batur - one for extremes and another for beginners.

On the Way to the Foothills

Every aspect of your trip should be well-considered. Make sure the Bali airport transfer is scheduled, that the distance from your lodging to the hiking zone is considered, and that a guided tour package is booked.

These hikes aren’t a walk in the park either. You have to gear up properly and wear clothes suited for the sudden temperature change from the foot to the peak. Water and food is a given, but don’t forget to bring first aid kits and headlamps because you will need to leave early in the day for these hikes. Also, bring a camera. The views are sweeping up there and you wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Mount Agung

An active stratovolcano considered as the highest land point in Bali, Mount Agung is most prized by hikers and locals alike for its sunrise experience. It has huge spiritual significance in Balinese belief because it was thought to be Mount Meru’s twin, which is a universe’s central axis.


The focal destination of the hike will be towards the Pura Besakih or the “Mother Temple,” the most important temple in the island, nestled on the slopes of Agung. At 3,031 meters high, traversing the mountain will take more than 12 hours, taking 6-7 hours each way if you depart from the temple.
There is an alternative route for those who prefer a shorter hike, which will only take 3-4 hours each way. Both routes will require a guide, which will be priced accordingly, but it is recommended that you take the route via Besakih.

Best Day or Time to Hike

Set your hiking dates in the dry season of May to October, but bear in mind that important religious ceremonies are held there on certain days of April and the trails will be temporarily off-limits. Avoid the rainy months by all means, namely January and February.


Look for a tour package that will include Bali airport transfers to your accommodation and scheduled pick-ups from your accommodation to the foothills and back. This may also come with a guide.

Mount Batur

This beloved hiking trail traverses another famous active volcano that overlooks a lake and towers over the island at 1,717 meters. Mount Batur volcano and caldera is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site and is as well-prized for its beautiful sunrise. At the peak, you will see a valley with the faint outline of Lombok island and the silhouette of Mount Agung.

Routes and Schedule

The hike usually takes up to 2 hours, depending on your pace. Since you’re aiming towards the sunrise, you have to leave early and be at the foothills with your guide by 3:00-4:00 am. Take into consideration that traveling from Ubud to Mount Batur will take roughly a 1 ½ hr., while from Kuta, it will take 2 hrs. and 10 minutes. 


Get yourself an accommodation that caters Bali airport transfers, and while you’re at it, book a sunrise trek that includes the pickup from the hotel to the foothills, and the hiking guide.


So, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket to Bali for your next vacation and marvel at these magnificent hiking trails!

Game Cameras: A Buying Guide for Trekkers

13th July 2019 Game-Cameras

Trekking is a fun and interesting recreational activity. By doing this, you can have a long journey by exploring places and have sightseeing. It is also the best way to experience nature by walking or hiking.

Having this kind of outdoor activity requires strength and endurance. For a better experience, trekkers often document the journey with the help of game cameras. Through this, they can easily enhance and share the experience with other people.

That’s why choosing the best game cameras must go along as you decide on your next journey. Many backpackers or hikers consider the physical aspects of the camera and not the features. It is just them being practical to what gadget or equipment they can carry.

However, for those who would like to deeply appreciate nature and share it with others, high-quality game cameras as recommended.

Guide for Game Cameras

Game cameras can change the game of trekking. They can help enhance your documentation and exploration of nature, wildlife, or various other places. As you use your creativity in photography, game cameras can be efficient in producing pleasant and fascinating photos.

Here are some tips in buying game cameras for trekkers:

Camera’s Weight

As a trekker who carries a lot of things alongside the camera, the weight of the equipment must also be friendly enough. There are a few things to consider when choosing lightweight cameras, but it must not be your primary concern.

Your primary concern must be the features and specs of the equipment. For game cameras, additional equipment like tripods is necessary. Pack your things nicely so that it won’t be too hard to carry. Since game cameras are weatherproof, they can also be dust-resistant.


If your goal is to capture cool and astounding pictures, high-quality lenses must be bought. It might be confusing when choosing the best lenses; however, it is key to achieve your goal. They are good investments that can be reused over and over again.

Image Quality

Image quality must be considered when buying your game camera. This must also be done sensibly as a camera with poor image quality could only result in low-quality pictures or videos. Just remember that a high number of megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean high resolution.


Trekking can involve a journey until evening or dawn. Therefore, a flash is ideal for capturing things during the night. Usually, game cameras have 3 types of flash. As such, you have to be wise in choosing cameras with different features or choices in terms of flash.

Navigation System

A navigation system and a wide screen to display the files would be great. This can help you easily navigate and control the camera, especially if it has a lot of functions.

A viewfinder would also be helpful to see all the critical functions or settings of the game camera.


Choosing the best game camera for trekking involves wise decision making. That said, be wise enough to choose for a camera so you can have a fun and enjoyable documentation while on your adventure.

Mercury Concentration in Mountain Lake Fish

15th May 2019 Mountain-Lake-Fish

Industrial evolution has caused mercury concentration in mountain lakes. Check out this Inshore reels list by SpinningReelGuide explaining how toxins emitted from industrial activities would travel through the atmosphere and then go to mountain landscapes, making mountain lakes function as basins.

These lakes were originally without fish, but in the 20th century, fish stocking turned into a habitual exercise to encourage visitors and earn support for land conservation. Now, most mountain lakes have their own reproducing fish population. According to studies, this development leads to a decline in lake amphibians and invertebrates.

In addition, these mountain lake fish also acquire toxins like mercury that are carried by the atmosphere. Known as stressors, they have become some sort of a challenge to park managers whose responsibilities are to protect the ecosystem, the health of the tourists, and fishing cultural value.

The Study

The goals of this study are to determine just how much mercury mountain lake fish contain, and to understand more the variables that factor in high mercury levels in fish. It is also to identify factors such as elevation, precipitation, water quality, lake shape, elevation, tree cover, fish species, and fish diet that are possible to be easy indicators of the high mercury contained by fish.

The study involved 20 lakes across Olympic National Parks, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier.  Lake samples were taken from all the lakes present in these areas. Every year, mercury was measured in benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, and zooplankton from each lake.

In addition, every part of the food web was checked for stable isotopes. This is a tool that ecologists use to assess what consumers such as fish eat based on their isotope signature. The factors gathered are what they used to make models in order to identify which were the most valuable in foretelling fish mercury concentrations.

The Outcome

The outcome contained good news and bad news, depending on the person’s diet. In the results, visitors of the park would be glad to know that the mercury concentration in the fish does not exceed the EPA’s limit for what is considered safe to consume. This is where the bad news for others comes in. People who solely rely on fish for a substantial portion of their diet are not advised to eat these fish as they may not be safe.

Although the studies showed that fish from different lakes carry different levels of mercury concentration, there are still a lot of factors that contribute to it as a whole. Factors like lakes with bigger tree cover containing fish with higher mercury concentration, while the opposite can be said for lakes with more scrub vegetation. Also, lakes that have higher yearly precipitation contain fish with lower mercury levels than those from lakes with lower annual precipitation.


This study is to inform people of the easy signs that they can heed to know where fish can have lower or high mercury level, and so whether or not to catch that fish. If anything, this would save visitors time from setting up their fishing equipment in the wrong spot, or possibly eating fish that can damage their system.

How To Choose The Best Clothes For Hiking

10th Feb 2019 Clothes-For-Hiking

Are you planning to go on a hiking trip with your friends and family? First of all, you need to know the best hiking clothes that will keep you protected from UV exposure, bugs, and other elements while keeping you thermoregulated. There is an article by Reviewing This provides a guide for choosing the best hiking clothes. Keep reading below to know more about this.


When choosing hiking clothes, the first thing that you should consider is the material. The best hiking apparels are made from soft, lightweight and moisture-wicking materials. Such clothes release heat, wick moisture away from your skin and allow your body to breathe so that you can be comfortable throughout your hiking.

Go for clothes that are made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. Unlike cotton, synthetic materials are lightweight and do not retain sweat. Hence, they will cool you down without making you wet.

Cotton is very inefficient at drying and wicking and ends up soaking sweat. During cool conditions and low temperatures, cotton can cause hypothermia. Hence, it is very unadvisable for hikers.

Silk is luxurious and has a soft feel and comes with modest wicking ability. For this, it is not ideal for strenuous hiking. Also, it is not odor resistant. Fleece is a good fabric choice if you are looking to hike in cold conditions. Merino wool would be a perfect base layer material as it wicks moisture away, resists odors and can be great for both cold and warm weather hikes.


The layering system is very important especially if you are hiking in cold weather. It includes the base layer, mid-layer, and the outer layer. For the base layer, choose something that is light-weight and moisture-wicking. If you plan on hiking in warm weather, avoid heavy base layers like long underwear. However, if you will be hiking in colder conditions, choose the appropriate thickness of thermal underwear.

The primary function of the middle layer is to provide insulation and heat conservation. For this, choose a fleece type of garment or wool sweater with the right thickness depending on the activities you will be doing. The outer layer includes waterproof and windproof garments to protect the other elements. This includes wind or rain jackets and rain pants.

Pants And Shorts

When hiking, you can choose to wear either hiking pants or shorts. Shorts are a good choice if you are going on a low-attitude summer hiking as they offer more freedom. Hikers also love shorts and cargo pants because they have places to stash things. On the other hand, hiking pants come in handy if you are going to trail on heavy vegetation or expect the temperatures to drop.

Conditions and temperatures while hiking can be unpredictable. Hence, it is wise to look for convertible (zip-off) hiking pants that you can easily transform to shorts when the weather gets warm. Another hiking clothing is the roll-up hiking pants that roll up into Capri pants or shorts.

Boots And Socks

When it comes to choosing hiking footwear, always opt for comfort and durability over elegance. The type of shoes you choose will depend on the type of hiking that you will take and the trail conditions.

For very rocky trails, consider boots that are a bit high on the ankle to offer you increased support. If the trail is wet or muddy, go for boots that come with waterproof materials to keep your feet dry during the hike. Also, ensure that the boots fit your foot well. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort and serious blisters.

When it comes to socks, choose hiking socks that come with cushioned support at the heel and toe. This ensures increased comfort and support and eliminates the occurrence of blisters after long hikes. Besides, hiking socks offer more breathability than cotton socks.

Hats And Gloves

If you are taking a hike in a sun-baked environment, be sure to carry a wide-brimmed hat to protect you from harsh sun rays. For hiking in cool conditions, use a synthetic or wool cap to insulate your head. Waterproof and insulated gloves also come in handy for cold conditions. Nonetheless, mittens are warmer than gloves.

When hiking, it is very crucial to keep an eye on your dress style as the weather conditions can change frequently. The right hiking clothes will provide comfort on the trail and offer protection from harsh elements. You, therefore, need to know what to wear for both warm and cold weather conditions.

When Can You Go For Hiking After A Plastic Surgery?

05th Feb 2019 Hiking-After-A-Plastic-Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures are gaining popularity all over the world as both men and women strive to enhance their appearance. Its rising popularity is due to plastic surgeon marketing.

Plastic surgeries generally involve placing implants under the muscles. Thus, it is vital to care for your body after surgery and avoid tension forces that may lead to bleeding, malposition, and swelling. If you are planning to go on a hike after your surgery, here is what you need to know.

Time To Heal

Every patient is different when it comes to surgery and the recovery after surgery. Hence, it is important to know that the recovery period and experience may be different from that of another patient.

However, there is a basic timeline that provides a guideline for the recovery process. For instance, breast augmentation may take between two weeks and a few months to fully recover, depending on the procedure.

Also, your recovery time can greatly depend on your lifestyle, nutritional intake, medical history, and genetics. Most surgeons recommend their patients to eat well, rest properly, wear the correct breast support, and avoid smoking and exercising.

Is Hiking Okay?

Hiking is allowed at least four weeks after surgery. It is advisable not to overwork your body in order to prevent getting a scar around the implant.

Therefore, exercises and activities that involve lifting objects heavier than 10 pounds are discouraged. Also, it is important to stay away from exercises that put a strain on the area where the procedure was done. For instance, weight lifting exercises that involve the use of back, chest, and arms are discouraged if you just had breast surgery. This includes pushups, dips, pull-ups, swinging a golf club, and body balancing exercises that rely on the hands.

Additionally, if you are planning to train before going for a hike, refrain from aerobic exercises. Aerobics will raise your blood pressure, and this could result in post-operation bleeding and may even harm your results.

After your surgery, begin by taking small and easy walks. This helps to reduce the risk of blood clots and ease the cabin fever. Then, slowly progress to doing low-resistance exercises and light cardio activities about two weeks after your surgery. Basically, this is the Return to Activity phase. The cardio will depend on whether you had an active lifestyle before the surgery, but generally, you may go for a flat hike or do a speedy walk on the treadmill.

In about three to four weeks, lower body exercises and aerobic exercises are safe. In this period, you can train for your hike by performing leg exercises, squats, lunges, leg presses or other similar exercises. You can also perform light to moderate cardio exercises such as walking and stationary cycling. By the fourth week, you can try taking a low impact hike that does not include hiking on high, steep hills.

It will take between six to eight weeks after surgery before you are fully able to perform any strenuous activity including going for a challenging hike.

After the cosmetic surgery, patients are advised to refrain from strenuous activities that may harm and cause incisional healing problems. On the other hand, they are encouraged to start walking after the surgery to prevent blood clot during the first and second week. If you are planning to hike, wait until six weeks after your surgery so that your body will be in a better position to exercise again. Lastly, consult your doctor and follow the instructions for best results.

Wine-Friendly Routes You Can Bike In

30th Jan 2019 Routes-You-Can-Bike-In

Connoisseur of wines have the routes below to thank. They quench your thirst and give you the opportunity to discover new wine brands and how they are crafted, while on a bike. You can also bring your bottle of wine while biking through the routes. If you also like to have wine in your luggage keep reading.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

This wine route is located in the U.S. and hosted the 1979 wine Olympics. The event was organized by the Gault-Millau a French magazine. It was wine in luggage event that involved over 300 types of wines from different countries.

Today, it is one of the best wine routes in the world. It is a 250 km bikeway that passes through agricultural lands in Oregon from Portland to Eugene.

It is the perfect root wine route if you are a seasoned, serious biker. The routes will take you through farms, vineyards, and farm stands.

You can hire a bike if you don’t have one in Portland and head to Willamette valley bikeway to begin your adventure.

Chile’s Colchagua Valley

The Colchagua region is emerging as a top potential when it comes to wine production. Introduction of wine bike tours has made it more fun for wine lovers to explore the region's potential.

Acquiring a reservation at the valley's vineyards is a lengthy process. You are advised to book one of the organized trips in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. Many tour companies organize wine trips in the region.

The tour takes you through the scenic Andes mountains on the natural trails. Along the route, you will afford the luxury of visiting some of the famous wineries such as Vina VIK, Mont Gras and the Casa Silva.

For those who are not able to ride a bike or not up to it, some tour companies provide motorized e-bikes to make it easier to tackle the rugged terrain.

Clare Valley Australia

Australia is home to some of the best vineyards in the world. It is no surprise that it hosts several wine routes accessible by bikes.

Clare Valley has a 35km long wine route that wine explorers can bike on to enjoy some of the best white wines. The route, known as the Riesling Trail, has storyboards that engages visitors while providing insights on the region and its people.

The trail is accessible from, Auburn, a small town two hours from Adelaide. The trail takes you through Taylors Wines and Grosset which are some of the best wineries in the world.

Loire Valley, France

This is one of the longest wine routes in the world. It is 800km long. Covering the whole route will take you about two weeks. It will be worthwhile though as you will get the opportunity and time to sample several varieties of wines.

There are accommodations along the way where you can stop and rest for the night before resuming your adventure in the morning. Due to the long distance, there are several bike rental stops along the way in case you need to change your bike.

The route is home to universally known Domaine and Clos de la Poussie wineries.

Why Should You Date A Trekker?

23rd Jan 2019 Date-A-Trekker

Dating can be boring especially when you are used to having it in a restaurant. What good can come from only sitting down and eating? A change is always enjoyable for a loving couple. Our daily routine is full of tedious jobs; hence, a date should be spontaneous such as a trek to relax the mind. This is why dating a trekker is one of the most engaging and enjoyable moments you can have. Why? Here are some reasons I found from their blog with valid reason:

Trekking is full of fun.

One of the reasons for dating is to have fun with your loved one. What else would bring such fun apart from trekking? Hiking and walking go well with storytelling. Despite the physical stretching during trekking, it’s full of fun and you will reach the targeted destination without knowledge. On the course of the trek, you’ll get attracted to one another as you’re building trust. Plus, trekking exposes you to nature, thus making the date extraordinary.

It allows you to know one another well.

During the trek, you’d get to know one another better. It’s an avenue for testing one's endurance. It’s a time to know ones physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. In trekking, you cannot be able to hide your true characters. You will easily learn more about your partner.

It creates an avenue for sharing space.

In most cases, hiking is accompanied by camping in the evening. Camping together makes you learn to accommodate one another. Imagine how enjoyable it is to hold one another looking at the beautiful stars in the sky.

Trekking is more romantic.

Trekking provides more hours for romance as compared to going for a dinner date in a restaurant. Even the non-romantic individuals will create romance by discovering new phenomena. The adventure out there becomes more romantic especially if you find a place for the two of you to sit down and joke.

Trekking boosts emotional quotient.

Activities done during hikes help build up emotional intelligence. For instance, holding her hand as you help her climb a cliff will make her feel loved.

Boosts physical fitness.

The hike is good as it makes the body to exercise, hence burning excess cholesterol. This is enjoyable as you are doing it together. This may turn out to become a hobby for the two of you even.

Strengthens quality management skills.

As you go on dating, some of the things will not go as you had expected. For instance, you might get out of supplies. This is the right time for you to know how your partner reacts. Will she help in finding a remedy? At this juncture, you will be strengthening your crisis management skills.

Every one of us has to go on a mundane date such as going out for dinner, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t expand our options when it comes to dating. If you want more spice, try trekking. If you don’t know where to start and are searching for a trekking partner, you can visit Craigslist Personal Alternatives or other sites where people gather. In this way, you’ll be able to experience the wonders of trekking with a potential lover.

Background Checking and Criminal Investigation in Caledonia

19th Jan 2019 Criminal-Investigation-in-Caledonia

Things can go awry. Given the recent incredible events in the US that threatened a lot of lives, faith in humanity is dwindling. It thus follows from this loss of faith that a good instant checkmate review have preceded trust. In Caledonia, Michigan, people turn to the police or private investigators for background checking and criminal investigations.

Data shows that in the US, background checks facilitated by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System have become more and more important, partly owing to issues in gun ownership. The purpose of background checking, however, is not limited to crime-related investigations.

Purpose of Background Checks in Caledonia

There are more to background checking in Caledonia than just criminal investigations, although, this is one of the most common. Some of them are requested simply to ensure one’s personal safety such as to be protected from getting robbed or mugged by a deceiving hiking guide. Such services are offered by private investigators. Other purposes include:

Selecting a Public Official

A background check can also be useful in choosing a public servant such as a fire or police chief or a township manager.

Pre-Investment Investigation

Private investigators are also helpful in checking the business operations of a certain company or service before people invest in them. They can check whether a business entity is legitimate or if embezzlement of funds exists.

Domestic Investigations

People can also request for a private investigation on a cheating partner or a background check on a stranger you met on a dating site. A check can also be done into new household employees. For people who are fighting a child custody battle, an investigation would come in handy. The private investigator can help ascertain whether the child is safe with custody or non-custody guardian.

Michigan State Police Investigations

Background checks, usually on criminal history, in Caledonia are covered by the Michigan State Police. They perform a search either by name or fingerprint. Their Criminal Justice Information Center maintains the Internet Criminal History Access Tool or ICHAT to allow a search on public criminal history records. However, the information available on ICHAT are limited. One cannot have access to federal, juvenile, traffic,  and criminal history records from other states as well as any warrant information. Owing to such limitations, people opt for a private investigator.  

Things to Note About Private Background Check Services

Needless to say, it is also as important that you can trust the private investigation service you are hiring. One of the red flags to note is a company’s non-compliance with the US Fair Credit Reporting Act rules. Membership to an established and trustworthy organization of investigative institutions can attest credibility. In Michigan for instance, a Michigan Council of Private Investigators exists.


Private investigators can be easy to reach and can perform investigations at your whim. But, before hiring a service, you need to understand your and other people’s rights and ascertain whether a situation really warrants a third-party investigation.

How You Can Document Your Trekking Adventures Online

5th Jan 2019 Trekking-Adventures-Online

If you’re into trekking, then you might find the concept of documenting your trekking adventures fun and interesting. With the help of this content, you’ll be able to save all of your trekking exploits on the internet and even show it to everyone.

The question is: how? Here’s how:

Start by Writing Scribbles or Perhaps Simple Descriptions

If you haven’t tried documenting your adventures before, then you could easily get intimated whenever you stare at a blank page. Don’t be! Everyone needs to start somewhere, and yours starts at a blank page.

Begin by writing a short and simple description of what happens during the day. You don’t have to be elaborate with your words or be overly description that it makes your documentation exaggerated. You can just settle with a few sentences or two. Eventually, as you start getting into the habit, you’ll be able to improve your documenting style.

Make it a Routine

As mentioned, you’ll come to a point where you’ll get into the habit, and that habit is documenting your adventure. Make it a point to allocate time every day to get your camera and capture every memorable event for that day. Also, don’t forget to get it into writing.

Taking advantage of the golden hour – the time where the light is at its best – will result in high-quality captures that will surely capture the interest of your viewers.

Don’t Just Focus on One Subject

Capturing the landscape might give you high-quality photos. However, focusing on the landscape alone won’t give you the variety you need to showcase your adventure. It will make your entire trekking adventure feel boring.

Instead of capturing just the landscape, try to capture the trail, your trekking buddies, camp life, wildlife, and other elements as well. This will add more variety to your documentation, thereby allowing you to showcase how awesome your adventure was.

Publish Your Documentation Online

After your adventure’s done, and after you’ve documented everything about your adventure in a journal or camera, it’s time to publish it online. However, you’ll need to get your own website for that (although there are several free websites out there, going for a paid option will provide you with more customization options).

You should also subscribe to a web hosting service to get your adventures running online. There are a number of them such as GoDaddy or HostGator which will host your website for a very affordable price.

Share Your Journal

Once your website is live, and your trekking adventures are now viewable by everyone, it’s time to spread the word. You can start by creating a Facebook page for your website, then sharing it with your friends. If you’re able to get a significant following, you may then proceed to post regular updates of your trekking adventures. This way, people will keep coming back to see more of your escapades.

The Bottom Line

Documenting your hike online is a fairly easy process. With the right tools (camera, journal, and a pen) along with the right web hosting service, sharing your adventures with everyone becomes very quick and easy.

A Guide To Starting Your Own Mountain Hiking Blog and Writing Guest Posts

3rd Jan 2019 Mountain-Hiking-Blog

You’re an avid hiker or just starting, and now, you want to share your experience with the world through your blog or through guest posting on websites. Here’s a step-by-step guide provided by to start your white hat link building.

Find A Topic

While hiking is already a niche in itself, it is still too broad of a topic.  To make your blog stand out among the several sites on the web right now, it is important to dig deep into your soul and find which aspect of hiking is special to you.  Are you obsessed with backpacking or camping gear?  Are you the type who likes short walks or long camping trips? Whatever specific topic about hiking makes you excited, stick with that because that’s most likely the niche that’s most suitable for you.

Pick A Blogging Platform

Let’s start off with the free ones. WordPress and Blogger are limited to a few selections of layouts, but they’re enough to get the ball rolling. If you’re willing to shell out some cash, you can always go for SquareSpace which has a more user-friendly interface that is perfect for blogging newbies.

Pick Your Blog’s Theme And Learn A Bit Of Code

After picking a platform, it’s time to design your blog. You can pick from a selection of pre-made themes for free or for a small fee.  If you’re a skilled coder, you have more freedom in customizing your themes.

Speaking of code, for those who have no background, you should, at the very least, know the basics like how to embed images and create links. If you want to dive more into coding, you should start by learning HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Set Your Writing Plan And Schedule

Now, we’re getting closer to the actual writing. The key here is to be realistic and make your blogging fit with your lifestyle. If you have a full-time job, it’s always next to impossible to write updates every day while also devoting time to hiking itself. Writing once every two weeks is a good start. Just be sure to stick with that schedule once you start posting.

Go Hiking

This is how you’ll gather your content. Make notes about your hike, or record it on your phone by using a hands-free headset so that you can enjoy the outdoor experience as you narrate. It might feel weird at first, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Most importantly, take lots of pictures. Readers love blogs with pictures.

Start Writing

You’ve just finished a hike. Now, it’s time to write. Pull up your recordings or your notes and start typing. Make it as personal as possible, and get everything down in one sitting. Don’t bother editing at this point. The most important thing to do first is to get all the words out. Once you have enough content, then that’s the time to polish your post. Spell-check everything or install Grammarly.

Tell The World Through Social Media

This comes last because it’s more important to put out as much content as you can before starting to build your audience. By your second or third post, you should start creating social media profiles such as a Facebook page and then start sharing links to your blog. You can also try guest posting on websites related to your niche.

Focus more on creating content, and let the marketing aspect come after. The most important thing is to enjoy doing what you love and also enjoy writing about it.

List of Great Hobbies you can Try

06th May 2019 Great-Hobbies

Whether you are looking to do something on your free time or looking for a new hobby to try, it is always exciting to discover new activities to try. However, it can be intimidating and discouraging to explore at first but by getting out from your comfort zone is where the first step begins. If you are just starting out, always start with these best darts for beginners available in the market.

Discovering some new hobbies in the process is an experience that is enjoyable itself. You can kiss away goodbye to your TV and welcome a more creative, fun, and healthy hobby that will spice up your life. The following are some great hobbies that you can try and have fun with:

Playing Darts

Playing darts is an enjoyable hobby that anyone can play. No matter how stressed you are or how bad your day is, you can always find yourself relaxed while playing a game of darts with your friends or family. It can also give you benefits such as improving your hand and eye coordination when you hold the darts steadily in your hand while aiming for the target and throw.

The game of darts is a great way to spend time with strangers or even meet new friends. If you are looking for a new hobby to try, then playing darts is the way to go.


This is an inexpensive hobby that will give you a lot of benefits. You can learn a lot of things from reading, and it will give your life more meaning. Reading can also increase your creativity and expand your imagination. If you like non-fictional stuff, you will definitely learn something new by reading an encyclopedia or a psychology book.

If you are not the bookworm type, you can try an audiobook. It’s like a podcast that you can take anywhere and listen anytime you want.

Waking, Biking, and Hiking

There is no need to go to the gym or take a jog to stay fit. Walking around your apartment or neighborhood can help you remain active. You can also search for local trails that are good for beginners to connect with nature.

If walking isn’t your preference, you can, instead, get a cheap bike for less than a hundred dollars. If you live in a major city, you can rent a bike for one to two days and see for yourself if you can invest in the hobby.

Finally, you can always try hiking. Hiking is a great activity to do with your friends and family. It is inexpensive and only requires comfortable clothes and decent shoes. Just make sure to bring a backpack and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Playing Music

Ever wanted to sing your favorite song but don’t know how to start? Just because someone is good at playing the guitar or the violin it doesn’t mean that you can’t play them as well. The good news is you don’t need to spend money on a private tutor.

You can, instead, search the internet for free tutorials. There are many tutorials that are available now more than ever. You can borrow an instrument from your friends and see if you can commit to this hobby before buying one for yourself.


These are some of the hobbies that you can try in your free time. Always remember that you can always talk to your family or friends and ask them if they have any interesting hobbies that they can share with you.

Essential Things to Pack When Visiting Caledonia

30th Dec 2018 Visiting-Caledonia

Whenever the idea of going out on a holiday hits you, the thought of what to pack always comes next. Although it looks pretty much like a tedious task, it’s not even that stressful at all as long as you know all the things you have to bring.

Having the right items for a certain trip will make it hassle-free and more fun. But, what do you need to bring? Do you need a lot of t-shirts? What things will make your trip easier and comfortable? Or you can use a shirt printing service at your destination and can carry less luggage with you.

If you’re up to going out on an adventure in Caledonia, then you might want to know the tips and things that will certainly help you.


The Luggage Allowance

For domestic flights, the luggage allowance can amount up to 12kg. You should always remember that it’s good when you pack light. When going on an adventure in Caledonia, the best way to experience it is to hop from one island and another. Therefore, if you have a lot of luggage, you can’t possibly attain the best experience.

However, if you have no choice but to bring more than necessary, you can ask the hotel you book somewhere in Noumea if they will allow storing your luggage for a few days while you are out on the next island. Conduct extensive research and you will find that there are some hotels out there that allows this.


The Things You Need to Bring for a New Caledonian Adventure

A French Translator

If you can’t speak the language, then you definitely have to bring a French Translator yourself. The people living in the vicinity of New Caledonia are speaking in French, which is their local language. Sure, they are learning English at school, but when it comes to people who didn’t have to work on tourism, they only speak little English. When you are in New Caledonia, you have high chances of interacting with them so you must bring a translator with you.

Flexible Hat

It appears that it’s always sunny in New Caledonia so you have to bring your own hat that can be used in whatever activity. You need something that can help protect your head even if you are just walking on the seaside or enjoying on a boat. When looking for a hat to bring, make sure that it has the following features:

  • Easy to fold
  • Provides UV protection
  • Made out of material that can get wet but easily rinsed


Towels will make a very important material when you are out on an adventure in New Caledonia, so you might not just need one but two: for the beach and shower. It is recommended for you to pack a microfiber towel since it will be light to bring and also dries quickly when wet.


Final Thoughts

So, that’s the things you definitely don’t have to forget when traveling out on New Caledonia, aside from the usual t-shirt packing and stuff. When these things, you will have no problem while you are out on a trip on New Caledonia. If you plan to do other things aside from island hopping in New Caledonia, remember to do your research well about the things you need to bring so that you’ll enjoy a hassle-free adventure.

Dating Apps Every Single Traveler Should Download

29th Dec 2018 travel-dating-online

How can you get the most out of traveling? The answer is simple; enjoying the company of a local or a person who knows where all the fun is. Well, over time, online dating with kik friend finder has proved to be successful with online dating sites making millions of dollars. Such success has prompted the use of online dating for other approaches. One of such interesting developments is the use of online dating apps for single travelers.

Are you planning to travel abroad or to a place you know less about? Has your friends canceled on you and now it is solo travel? No worries, your plans just got better; you can even find love, and the fun part is that all this is just a button touch away. Online dating through social media keeps on getting better and making life way easier and convenient. Well, as you consider your next partner for your travels, here is a look at four dating apps every single traveler should download.

Miss Travel

Almost everyone loves Tinder. Well, Miss Travel advertises itself as Tinder for Travelers, and it delivers the same. One of the best things about Miss Travel is the ability to offer a trip to a fellow user. That way, for instance, your best match does not have to miss out owing to a shortage of finances as you can offer them a chance to join you and cater to it. You can also change your trip to date as Miss Travel also allows you to look for connects looking for love.


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All You Need to Know About Using Cannabis in Scotland

24th Dec 2018 Cannabis in Scotland

Cannabis is illegal to possess and use in Scotland. In 2002, Scotland’s Home Secretary classified marijuana as a class C drug, a class containing regulated constituents like anabolic steroids and growth hormones. Previously, cannabis was a class B drug.

Class C drugs are considered to be relatively less severe as compared to those in class A and B. Does the re-classification mean that anyone can buy CBD oil for safe use? Well, with the right dosage, it is safe to use and can even give a number of health benefits.

On that account, the possession of cannabis in Scotland could have you locked behind bars since it is a criminal offense. The offense is punishable by a sentence of 14 years, a fine, or a non-custodial sentence. The laws were set up to ensure that cannabis is not misused due to its numerous detrimental side effects.

So, what are some of the laws that regulate the use of cannabis products such as CBD oil in Scotland?

Laws About Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis

Like other illegal drugs, marijuana can significantly impair the driver’s ability to drive safely. This puts other road users at risk. Drivers convicted of driving under the influence of cannabis risk a jail sentence, hefty fines, or disqualification from driving.

Scotland’s law enforcers use the Field Impairment Tests to determine whether drivers are driving under the influence of illicit drugs. Furthermore, suspects are subjected to special examination by a medical expert to detect the presence and type of drugs used.

Laws About the Possession of Cannabis

In case you are apprehended by the police and found to be in possession of marijuana, officers may not arrest you. However, they will seize the cannabis. In some cases, the police may report you to the Procurator Fiscal. What happens after you are prosecuted? The procurator fiscal will gauge if a prosecution is in the public interest. This may attract prosecution, financial fines, or warnings.

Law On the Legal Use of Cannabis-Based Products as Medicine

Even though the use of cannabis products such as CBD oil is illegal, medicinal cannabis may not be unlawful. In fact, the Scotland government is already exploring whether cannabis-based medication can help as a remedy for some ailments.

During a 2002 announcement, the Home Secretary made it clear that the government was willing to amend the law regulating the use of cannabis-based medicinal products. However, the amendment would ensue if cannabis-based medicines are confirmed to be practical and useful.

Law On Selling Cannabis

Selling cannabis is illegal. Cannabis sellers in Scotland risk imprisonment, hefty fines, or both. Besides trading, property managers are prohibited from allowing someone to sell, smoke, or supply cannabis within the premises they manage.

Cannabis is recognized as a class C drug in Scotland. Therefore, it is illegal to use and sell the drug. The regulation was imposed to curb and reduce the use of cannabis. Cannabis users and sellers may be subjected to imprisonment, monetary fines, or both.

Thoughts of a Lawyer-Turned-Traveler

21th Dec 2018 Lawyer Turned Traveler

Traveling is fun; it’s even better if you are passionate about the thrills. However, how would you feel if your favorite עורך דין quit their jobs and indulge in full-time travel? Well, we all have an idea, or at least, a misconception of how quitting a job and taking on traveling could go. In the light of the concern, let us examine a success story of a lawyer-turned-traveler and what you can learn from it.

Jodi Ettenberg’s Story

Being a successful criminal lawyer is one thing, and quitting such a job to start traveling is another. As she opens up, Ettenberg takes us through some of the challenges she had to deal with. Here is a look at four thoughts of a lawyer-turned-traveler.

Traveling Can Help Deal With Job Burnout

Most people go on vacations to deal with job burnout. However, the lawyer-turned-traveler reveals for her that it was the other way around; her burnout was more on not doing what she wanted in the first place. That clears the first misconception associated with traveling; you do not have to wait until your productivity is at its worst to take on traveling. Perhaps your burnout is not coming from your job but from your unfulfilled issues.

Lone Traveling Is Lonely

Ettenberg shares her travel experiences in her popular blog Legal Nomads. However, as exciting and informative as the blog is, Ettenberg opens up about how most people view lone traveling as being lonely. It is not. In fact, she points out that meeting new people, learning about their cultures, and interacting with a group kicks the lonely feeling away. Nonetheless, she points out that at times, she gets lonely. This is especially when she feels ill and knows very well that in her travels, she is not a “Seabiscuit" and has to accept that falling ill is part of a traveler’s life.

Long-Term Traveling Lifestyle Is Like Being On A Vacation

While traveling and vacation may seem like the same thing, Ettenberg notes that there is a huge difference. She notes that one of the biggest misconceptions that new long-term travelers make is not keeping in mind what it takes to relax.

Nomadic Life Is Not Normal

From Ettenberg’s thoughts, the idea of what her contribution to the society and how normal the nomadic life is means reaching in deeper and weighing your relevance. For instance, she continuously strives to provide resources to the travelers and cope up with celiac disease, noting that traveling can pose a challenge given the different cuisines you are likely to try in your endeavors. She further explains that the misconception of the lifestyle as being temporary is another concept that needs to be addressed.

The thoughts of Ettenberg, a lawyer-turned-traveler, vividly show how a lifestyle can change and the best way to adapt and make it productive. If her popular blog and its contributions are anything to go with, nomadic life has more to offer than many people can imagine.

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