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I have been hill walking for over thirty years although in the early days this only involved a few trips each year to the Cairngorms or Lochnagar areas. In fact it was several years before I realised what a Munro actually was, and 1997 before I completed my first round on Ben More on the Island of Mull. Since then I have completed a further four rounds, two Corbett rounds and single rounds of the Munro Tops, Grahams, New Donalds, Old Donalds and Sub Donalds.

This has taken me to all parts of the Scottish mainland and to several of its Islands. In 2010, for a bit more variety and new challenges, I started on the list of Sub 2000 Scottish Marilyns. I have no plans to complete them all as some involve rock climbing while others are on remote and uninhabited islands. During my trips I have also climbed a few Humps. The links in the left margin will take you to my trip reports for these hills and include an index system.

Also in 2010 I made my first venture south of the Scottish Border to climb the English Furths (mountains over 3000 feet) and a subsequent trip to Wales to climb several of the Welsh Furths. These links will take you to a blog which gives an account of these ascents.

The ascent of the Scottish Hills has taken me over 11,300 hours, involved a distance in excess of 17,700 miles and a height gain of over 1,850 kilometres.

I'm also an avid golfer in Scotland, passionate about and researching technologies behind golf ball compression and trying to find a driver that is forgiving for my swing.

My hill totals as at 25 December 2015 are:

Hill Classification Number Climbed Number of Rounds Completed
Munros 1708 5
Munro Tops 723 1
Corbetts 576 2
Corbett Tops 338 -
Grahams 370 1
Graham Tops 351 -
New Donalds 149 1
Sub Donalds 31 1
Sub 2000 Scottish Marilyns 235 -
Total 4481 11

In addition to walking in Britain, in November 2001 I travelled to Sikkim in India, on a TGO trek, to climb in the foothills of Kangchenjunga. You can read my blog here:

Himalayan Trek

In August 2005 I climbed Mount Blanc. Below is a link to my blog containing an account of the ascent.

Mount Blanc

I have also walked in the Bernese Oberland Region of Switzerland. Below are links to my blogs:

Bernese Oberland 2006

Bernese Oberland 2011

In 2002 I created this web site, initially to promote a business I ran, but it soon expanded to include an account of my walks and, in 2005 when I entered the digital era, photographs.

Reports on my trips to the Scottish Hills are logged in the appropriate sections as shown on the left margin or if sub 2000 feet, they are listed on this page. The Mountain Index lists all the Scottish Hills I have climbed since the creation of this web site. There is also an index at the top of each section page. A link to the photographs taken on my walks can be found at the start of each trip report or viewed from the Gallery Page. In addition walks completed in the past 12 months can be accessed via Recent Walks.

You are welcome to follow my routes but you do so at your own risk. If for any reason you wish to use my photographs or have a comment to make please contact me at hilltreks(at) (change (at) to @). I would be interested in your observations.

Enjoy your walking.

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